Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28

Sunday School

Landmark is pleased to offer classes for all ages. Every Sunday morning at 10 A.M. the classes present a lesson from the word of God designed for the age and needs of the classroom. Below is a list of the provided Sunday School classes, and their teachers.

Class Teacher Class Teacher
Nursery Kelli Stanek Toddlers Carrie Castleman
3 yr olds Lori Hart 4 yr olds Jennifer Prichard
5 yr olds Kathy Speck
1st grade boys Gary Boyle 1st grade girls Cynthia Blackmon
2nd grade boys Brenda Congdon 2nd grade girls Linda Hradec
3rd grade boys Steve Stanek 3rd grade girls Sara Wren
4th grade boys Robert Congdon 4th grade girls Donna Amos
5th grade boys Lauren Wiebe 5th grade girls Johnna Lang
6th grade boys Mike Prichard 6th grade girls Debbie Wiebe
7th & 8th grade boys Mike Willis 7th grade girls
8th grade girls
Paula Carter
Sandy Johnson
9th & 10th grade boys Barry Parsons 9th & 10th grade girls Donna Willis
11th & 12th grade boys Steve Sumner 11th & 12th grade girls Rachael Pautz
Pastor's Class Dr. Carter \ Steven Carter Single Moms Anita Baker
Singles Nathan Ogden New Converts Bruce Lucas
College and Career Jay Lewis Home Builders John Major
French (Haitian) Class Yamson Verrier Young Marrieds Rick Allen

Click this link to learn the Location of each of our classrooms.