Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
08/28/2013 Foretold Dr Mickey Carter Eze 38 Listen Watch
08/25/2013 SS A Casting Christian Steven Carter I Peter 5:1-11 Listen Watch
08/25/2013 AM Victory from Defeat Dr Mickey Carter John 20:19-31 Listen Watch
08/25/2013 PM Mark the Perfect Man Steven Carter Ps 37:37 Listen Watch
08/21/2013 Have faith in God Don Strange Mark 1:20 Listen Watch
08/18/2013 SS Testimony Brian Theson Ps 100 Listen Watch
08/18/2013 AM The Offense of the Cross Steven Carter Luke 18:9-14 Listen Watch
08/18/2013 PM Numbering our Days Dr Mickey Carter Ps 90 Listen Watch
08/14/2013 Building our Life on God's Word Steven Carter Psalm 1 Listen Watch
08/11/2013 SS Puffed up or Built up Steven Carter I Cor 8:1-7 Listen Watch
08/11/2013 AM True Conclusions Dr Mickey Carter Ecc 1:1-3 Listen Watch
08/11/2013 PM Encouragement Steven Carter Deut 1:1 Listen Watch
08/07/2013 The Foundation of God Standeth Sure Steven Carter II Tim 2:19 Listen Watch
08/04/2013 SS Foot Washing Dr Mickey Carter John 13:1-17 Listen Watch
08/04/2013 AM Comfort in Hell Dr Mickey Carter Eze 32:18-31 Listen Watch
08/04/2013 PM The Cold War Dr Mickey Carter John 18:15 Listen Watch