Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
Teen Camp 2013
07/28/2013 SS Forgiveness Dr Mickey Carter Col 3:1-14 Listen Watch
07/28/2013 AM Three Strikes Steven Carter Luke 23:33 Listen Watch
07/28/2013 PM A prayer meeting you want to miss Dr Mickey Carter Rev 6:12-17 Listen Watch
07/24/2013 Message Steven Carter Col 3:1-5 Listen Watch
07/21/2013 SS Message Dr Mickey Carter Text Listen Watch
07/21/2013 AM Mob Rule Dr Mickey Carter John 19:1 Listen Watch
07/21/2013 PM Wisdom David Gibbs II Chron 1:7-12 Listen Watch
07/14/2013 PM The Counsel of God 2 Steven Carter Acts 20:17-27 Listen Watch
07/14/2013 AM When Hell Spills Over Dr. Mickey Carter Isaiah 5:13 Listen Watch
07/14/2013 SS The Counsel of God 1 Steven Carter Acts 20:17-27 Listen Watch
07/07/2013 PM Why He Must Return Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15:50-52 Listen Watch
07/07/2013 AM Prosperous Journey Steven Carter Rom 1:7-12 Listen Watch
07/07/2013 SS What did Jesus Write? Dr. Mickey Carter John 7:8 Listen Watch
07/03/2013 A Sweet Poison Zachery Werner Col 2:18 Listen Watch