Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
01/30/2013 Our Adversary Steven Carter Is 14 Listen Watch
01/27/2013 SS Good News in 2013 Steven Carter Gal 1:1-10 Listen Watch
01/27/2013 AM The Great News Dr Mickey Carter Acts 16:16-34 Listen Watch
01/27/2013 PM Lessons from the bush Chad Stanley Ex 1 Listen Watch
01/23/2013 Look for the Bridge Steven Carter Eph 2:1-10 Listen Watch
01/20/2013 SS The Hand of God in Language Dr Mickey Carter John 1:1,14 Listen Watch
01/20/2013 AM Where will you be found Steven Carter Phil 3:8-9 Listen Watch
01/20/2013 PM The Crowd before the Flood Dr Mickey Carter Gen 5:21-27 Listen Watch
01/16/2013 Choose Your God BJ Stagner I Kings 18:25 Listen Watch
01/13/2013 SS Fingerprints in Lamentations Dr. Mickey Carter Lam Listen Watch
01/13/2013 AM The Fire of the Burnt Offering BJ Stagner Lev 6:8-13 Listen Watch
01/13/2013 PM The Three R's (Part 3) Steven Carter Proverbs 3 Listen Watch
01/09/2013 The Three R's (part 2) Steven Carter Heb 4:12 Listen Watch
01/06/2013 SS Gods built in security system Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 16 Listen Watch
01/06/2013 AM Gods OT top five Steven Carter Ezekiel 14 Listen Watch
01/06/2013 PM You need a good start Mark Eaton II Tim 3:13-17 Listen Watch
01/02/2013 The Lords Supper Dr Mickey Carter I Cor 11 Listen Watch