Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
01/30/2011 SS Study in Acts Steven Carter Acts 16:16-31 Listen Watch
01/30/2011 AM Death Bed Conversion Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 23:32-45 Listen Watch
01/30/2011 PM 40th Anniversary Celebration Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
01/26/2011 Call Unto Me Dr. Mickey Carter Jer. 33:3 Listen Watch
01/23/2011 SS Study of Revelation 57 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 15:1-4 Listen Watch
01/23/2011 AM Recieve Him as Myself Steven Carter Philemon Listen Watch
01/23/2011 PM Why did God choose me? Dr Mickey Carter Rev. 3:7-20 Listen Watch
01/19/2011 Study of Rom 8:28 Dennis Corle Rom 8:28 Listen Watch
01/16/2011 SS Study of Revelation 56 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 15:1 Listen Watch
01/16/2011 AM Does it really matter if I'm faithful? Brian McBride II Sam. 23:39 Listen Watch
01/16/2011 PM A Spiritual Breakthru Brian McBride II Sam. 23:13-17 Listen Watch
01/12/2011 Be Like Philemon Steven Carter Phil. 1:1 Listen Watch
01/09/2011 SS Study of Revelation 55 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 14:9-20 Listen Watch
01/09/2011 AM Condemned Already Steven Carter John 3:1-7 Listen Watch
01/09/2011 PM What's gonna happen tomorrow Dr. Mickey Carter James 4:13-14 Listen Watch
01/05/2011 What do you see? Lonnie Moore Matt 4:1-5 Listen Watch
01/02/2011 SS Study of Revelation 54 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 14:7-11 Listen Watch
01/02/2011 AM The Last Chance Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 13:6-10 Listen Watch
01/02/2011 PM A New Years Message Steven Carter Gen. 3:1-7 Listen Watch