Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
10/31/2010 SS Study of Psalm 119 Steven Carter Ps. 119 Listen Watch
10/31/2010 AM Mephibosheth Steven Carter 2 Samuel 9 Listen Watch
10/31/2010 PM Having the right focus Steven Carter Phil. 4:1-8 Listen Watch
10/27/2010 Wait Lifting Steven Carter Rom. 8:18-29 Listen Watch
10/24/2010 SS Study of Revelation 45 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 12:12-15 Listen Watch
10/24/2010 AM The Greatest Name Dr. Mickey Carter Ps. 12:1-12 Listen Watch
10/24/2010 PM Walking Orderly Steven Carter II Thess. 3:1-18 Listen Watch
10/20/2010 The Judgement Seat Dr. Mickey Carter II Cor. 5:10 Listen Watch
10/17/2010 SS Study of Revelation 44 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 12:8-13 Listen Watch
10/17/2010 AM The Know to the Unknown Dr. Mickey Carter I John 3:1-3 Listen Watch
10/17/2010 PM A Full Mind Dr. Mickey Carter II Peter 3:1-2 Listen Watch
10/15/2010 The Value of a Soul Jay Shepherd Mark 8:36-37 Listen Watch
10/13/2010 The Second Generation Tim Fellure Judges 2 Listen Watch
10/12/2010 Preach the Word Kevin Courtney II Tim. 4:1-5 Listen Watch
10/12/2010 It's About Jesus Larry Branham 2 Sam. 23:8-10 Listen Watch
10/12/2010 Pressed in the Spirit Tim Fellure Acts 18:1 Listen Watch
10/12/2010 Missions Request Dolton Robertson Listen Watch
10/12/2010 Set In Order Dolton Robertson Titus 1:1-5 Listen Watch
10/12/2010 Is Your All on the Altar Tim Fellure Gen 12 Listen Watch
10/11/2010 Not About Us, but Him Dolton Robertson Matt. 1:1 Listen Watch
10/10/2010 SS Study of Revelation 43 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 12:1-4 Listen Watch
10/10/2010 AM Marks of a Man of God Steven Carter I Tim 6:11-16 Listen Watch
10/10/2010 PM Parallel Days Dr. Mickey Carter Jer. 5:1-8 Listen Watch
10/06/2010 Mixed with Faith Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 3:8 -4:2 Listen Watch
10/03/2010 SS Study of Revelation 42 Dr Mickey Carter Rev. 12:1-4 Listen Watch
10/03/2010 AM Saved by a Baby Dr Mickey Carter Acts 23:10-24 Listen Watch
10/03/2010 PM From the Beginning Steven Carter II Thess. 2:13-17 Listen Watch