Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
08/29/2010 PM Summary of I Thess. Steven Carter I Thess. 5:15-23 Listen Watch
08/29/2010 SS Study of Revelation 37 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 11:1-8 Listen Watch
08/29/2010 AM Hell's Shocked Arrivals Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 16:15,19-31 Listen Watch
08/22/2010 SS Study of Revelation 36 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 11:1-2 Listen Watch
08/22/2010 AM Our Soul Salvation Steven Carter Rom. 5:8-9 Listen Watch
08/22/2010 PM The Trying of Your Faith Dr. Mickey Carter James 1:1-4 Listen Watch
08/15/2010 SS Study of Revelation 35 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 9:16-10:11 Listen Watch
08/15/2010 AM A Round Trip to Heaven Dr. Mickey Carter John 14:1-6 Listen Watch
08/15/2010 PM The Local Assembly Steven Carter I Thess 5:12-15 Listen Watch
08/11/2010 Prophecy Vs the Mystery Steven Carter I Thess. 5:1-11 Listen Watch
08/08/2010 SS Study of Revelation 34 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 9:16-18 Listen Watch
08/08/2010 AM Preach What I Bid Thee Steven Carter Jonah 3:1-10 Listen Watch
08/08/2010 PM Our Unshaken Foundation Dr. Mickey Carter 2 Tim. 2:19 Listen Watch
08/04/2010 Nicaragua Video Steven Carter Listen Watch
08/01/2010 SS Study of Revelation 33 Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 9:11-18 Listen Watch
08/01/2010 AM Fail Proof Investments Dr. Mickey Carter Matt. 6:19-21 Listen Watch
08/01/2010 PM Nicaragua Testimonies Steven Carter Listen Watch