Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
09/30/2009 Why Landmark Uses the KJV part 3 Dr. Mickey Carter II Tim. 3:16 Listen Watch
09/27/2009 SS Confronted with God Steven Carter Job 42:1-6 Listen Watch
09/27/2009 AM The Cloudy & Dark Day Dr. Mickey Carter Eze. 34:12-13 Listen Watch
09/27/2009 PM Spiritual Healing Steven Carter Mark 9:14-27 Listen Watch
09/23/2009 Why Landmark Uses the KJV part 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Ps. 138:2 Listen Watch
09/20/2009 SS Delayed Judgement Dr. Mickey Carter Hosea 3 Listen Watch
09/20/2009 AM Blind Bartimaeus Steven Carter Mark 10:46-52 Listen Watch
09/20/2009 PM Why Landmark Uses the KJV part 1 Dr. Mickey Carter Gen. 3:1-6 Listen Watch
09/16/2009 Understanding A Good Soldier Winston Coakley Barry Parsons Prov 17:27 2 Sam 11 Listen Watch
09/13/2009 SS Giving All Diligence Part 1 Steven Carter II Peter 1:1-9 Listen Watch
09/13/2009 AM Hiding the Gospel Dr. Mickey Carter II Cor. 4:1-7 Listen Watch
09/13/2009 PM Giving All Diligence Part 2 Steven Carter II Peter 1:1-9 Listen Watch
09/09/2009 Commission Possible Patrick Boyle Matt. 28:18-20 Listen Watch
09/06/2009 SS Study of the Lord's Supper Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 22:7-20 Listen Watch
09/06/2009 AM The Pleasure of the Lord Steven Carter Isaiah 53:1-6 Listen Watch
09/06/2009 PM Binding the Strong Man Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 3:22-30 Listen Watch
09/02/2009 From the Heart of Paul Mike Mullins Phil. 1:1 Listen Watch