Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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09/21/2016 Consider Him Bro. Hobbes Heb 12:1-3 Listen Watch
09/18/2016 SS Understanding God 2 Mike Case Eph 4 Listen Watch
09/18/2016 AM A Babies Threat Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 3:13, Matt 2:16 Listen Watch
09/18/2016 PM It's Time to Follow God Tm Maness Ex 13:17-22 Listen Watch
09/14/2016 Living Water Barry Parsons I John 4 Listen Watch
09/11/2016 SS Understanding God Michael Case Eph 4:17-20 Listen Watch
09/11/2016 AM Blood Bought My Freedom Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Col 1:12-22 Listen Watch
09/11/2016 PM Stay Awake Bro. Dignin I Thes 5:1-8 Listen Watch
09/07/2016 A Message to the Church Glenn Riggs Rom 2:1 Listen Watch
09/04/2016 SS Review of the Last Days 4 Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 38 Listen Watch
09/04/2016 AM Don't be Left Behind Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 25:1-13 Listen Watch
09/04/2016 PM Loving a Lie Dr. Mickey Carter II Chron 18:1-17 Listen Watch
08/31/2016 We can Pray Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 9:1 Listen Watch
08/28/2016 SS Review of the Last Days 3 Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 38:1-11 Listen Watch
08/28/2016 AM Recognizing Judgement Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 15-16 Listen Watch
08/28/2016 PM Truths about Hell Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 16:19 Listen Watch
08/24/2016 College Introductions Dr. Mickey Carter/College Students Listen Watch
08/21/2016 SS I Shouldn't Have to Tell You This, But... (part 2) Michael Case I Thes 4:13-17 Listen Watch
08/21/2016 AM The Value of One Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Luke 15:1-10 Listen Watch
08/21/2016 PM At Thy Word, I WIll Barry Parsons Luke 5:1-11 Listen Watch
08/17/2016 The Right to Share the Gospel Dr. Mickey Carter I TIm 3:15 Listen Watch
08/14/2016 SS Review of the Last Days 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 36 Listen Watch
08/14/2016 AM Hold the Hill Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 19:11-27 Listen Watch
08/14/2016 PM What She Could Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 14 Listen Watch
08/10/2016 How to Know When God Speaks Walt Shepard I Sam 23:1-5 Listen Watch
08/07/2016 SS Review of the Last Days Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 36 Listen Watch
08/07/2016 AM Get off the Road Walt Shepard Math 7:13-14 Listen Watch
08/07/2016 PM Growing in the Grace of God Walt Shepard I Peter 2:1-3 Listen Watch
08/03/2016 Dealing with Frustration Barry Parsons Gen 15 Listen Watch