Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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10/26/2014 SS Stuy of Phil 2 Bro Perkins Phil 6 Listen Watch
10/26/2014 AM How to Follow God Bro Dalton Robertson Gen. 12:1-3 Listen Watch
10/26/2014 PM The Day of the Lord Bro Dalton Robertson Zech 14 Listen Watch
10/22/2014 God Thinks About Us Tom Odom Jer 29:10-13 Listen Watch
10/19/2014 AM The Most Infamous Horse Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 6:1-2 Listen Watch
10/19/2014 PM Seeing God Dr. Mickey Carter Psa 90:1-7 Listen Watch
10/15/2014 Don't Let the Devil Steal Your Peace Bro. Gomez John 20:20 Listen Watch
10/15/2014 SS Daniel #8 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 2 Listen Watch
10/12/2014 AM Why Disappointments Come Dr. Mickey Carter Prov 13 Listen Watch
10/12/2014 PM Waring Cities Dr. Mickey Carter Gal 4:22-26 Listen Watch
10/05/2014 SS Daniel #6 Dr. Mickey Carter Daniel 2 Listen Watch
10/05/2014 AM A Time to Choose Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 23:1 Listen Watch
10/05/2014 PM The Sin that Can't be Hidden Dr. Mickey Carter Num 32:23 Listen Watch
09/28/2014 SS Daniel #5 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 2 Listen Watch
09/28/2014 AM What Should Follow Salvation Dr. Mickey Carter II Tim 2 Listen Watch
09/28/2014 PM God's Quiet Judgement Dr. Mickey Carter Hos 5:3-6 Listen Watch
09/24/2014 Where There is No Vision Dr. Mickey Carter Lam 2:9 Listen Watch
09/21/2014 SS Daniel #4 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 1 Listen Watch
09/21/2014 AM The Mystery of One Fold Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 10:1-11 Listen Watch
09/21/2014 PM Talking About the Preacher Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 13:1-3 Listen Watch
09/17/2014 Precept Upon Precept Levon Waters Isa 28:9,10 Listen Watch
09/14/2014 SS Daniel #3 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan Listen Watch
09/14/2014 AM Stabbed in the Back Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 26:69-75 Listen Watch
09/14/2014 PM The Increased Warfare Dr. Mickey Carter Jude 1-4 Listen Watch
09/10/2014 Testimonies Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
09/07/2014 SS Daniel #2 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan Listen Watch
09/07/2014 AM Heaven Lost and Found Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 3:22-24 Listen Watch
09/07/2014 PM The Bride of Christ Dr. Mickey Carter II Chro 11:2 Listen Watch
09/03/2014 A Religion of Peace? Dr. Mickey Carter Jude 3 Listen Watch