Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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06/05/2016 Hell and the Lake of Fire Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 20 Listen Watch
06/05/2016 AM Conflict of Knowledge Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 2:15-17 Listen Watch
06/05/2016 PM Birthmarks of a Christian Dr. Mickey Carter II Cor 1:1 Listen Watch
06/01/2016 It's God's Presence Jay Shepherd Ex 32:7 Listen Watch
05/29/2016 SS Redeeming the Mortgage Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 2:6 Listen Watch
05/29/2016 AM In There any Hope for America Dr. Mickey Carter Jer 18:1-10 Listen Watch
05/29/2016 PM God Gives the Nations a Choice Bro Cox I Kings 17:24 Listen Watch
05/25/2016 Framed Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 11:1-3 Listen Watch
05/22/2016 SS Things that are an Abomination to God Bro Perkins Jer 2:1-3 Listen Watch
05/22/2016 AM One of the Names of Jesus Bro Morgan Rev 3:14 Listen Watch
05/22/2016 PM Hitting on all Cylinders Bro. Parsons Romans 12:1-13 Listen Watch
05/18/2016 Have we lost our Blush? Dr. Mickey Carter Jer 6:13 Listen Watch
05/15/2016 SS Covenants Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 13 Listen Watch
05/15/2016 AM What Happened to our Greatness Dr. Mickey Carter Math 6:19-23 Listen Watch
05/15/2016 PM College Graduation Bro Wiggens Matt 7:13-14 Listen Watch
05/11/2016 God is Good Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 1:26 Listen Watch
05/08/2016 SS Doctrinal Distinctions Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 4:10 Listen Watch
05/08/2016 AM Ruth's Redemption Road Dr. Mickey Carter Ruth 1:1-5 Listen Watch
05/08/2016 PM Believing is Seeing Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 11:1-6 Listen Watch
05/04/2016 SWM Testimonies 3 College Listen Watch
05/01/2016 SS Sinless Perfection Dr. Mickey Carter I John 1:4-10 Listen Watch
05/01/2016 AM Being of the Winning Side Dr. Mickey Carter Romans 8 Listen Watch
05/01/2016 PM The Known and the Unknown Dr. Mickey Carter Ecc 8:6-13 Listen Watch