Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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04/14/2014 PM The High Calling of God Steven Carter Phil 3:11-21 Listen Watch
04/13/2014 SS Nation Against Israel in the End Time Dr. Mickey Carter Ezek 38:1-8 Listen Watch
04/13/2014 AM How to be Accepted Steven Carter Phil 3:1-9 Listen Watch
04/06/2014 SS Being a Baptist Dalton Robertson I Tim 3 Listen Watch
04/06/2014 AM Happy Faith Dalton Robertson Acts 16:16-34 Listen Watch
04/06/2014 PM The Ministry of Comfort Dalton Robertson Rom 1:8-12 Listen Watch
04/02/2014 Compassion Mike Mullins Jude 22 Listen Watch
03/30/2014 SS Why Go To Church Mike Case Acts 2:38-42 Listen Watch
03/30/2014 AM Shibboleth Steven Carter Judges 12:1-6 Listen Watch
03/30/2014 PM 3 Keys in Bible Study Steven Carter II Tim 2:14-19 Listen Watch
03/23/2014 SS Is America Under Judgement Walt Shepard Gen 1:1 Listen Watch
03/23/2014 AM Do As I Say Not As I Do Bro. Morgan Prov 21:7 Listen Watch
03/23/2014 PM Israel and America II Walt Shepard Isa 9 Listen Watch
03/16/2014 SS Where the World is Headed Part 1 Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 36:21 Listen Watch
03/16/2014 AM Delivered from the Devil Steven Carter Acts 19:13-20 Listen Watch
03/16/2014 PM What We Should Do with the Word of God Lester Sedan Prov 4:20-27 Listen Watch
03/12/2014 The Last Days Steven Carter II Tim 3 Listen Watch
03/09/2014 SS Prayer Michael Case Matt 6:9-13 Listen Watch
03/09/2014 AM Built by God Steven Carter Eph 2:19-22 Listen Watch
03/09/2014 PM Shining, Whining, or Polishing? Bro. Philips Judges 7 Listen Watch
03/05/2014 Paul's Companions Steven Carter Col 4:7-18 Listen Watch
03/02/2014 SS Purity Steven Carter I Tim 5:17-25 Listen Watch
03/02/2014 AM Why Get Saved? Pastor Carter Acts 16:16-34 Listen Watch
03/02/2014 PM Tychicus Steven Carter Col 4:1-8 Listen Watch
02/26/2014 Restorathon Testimonies Dr. Mickey Carter Jer 23:1 Listen Watch
02/23/2014 SS The Necessity of the Virgin Birth Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 1:1-23 Listen Watch
02/23/2014 AM If He Be Able Steven Carter Lev 25:47-49 Listen Watch
02/23/2014 PM How to Come to God Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 9:16 Listen Watch
02/19/2014 Churches and Taxes Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 17:24-27 Listen Watch
02/16/2014 SS Trusting Religion Dr. Mickey Carter Matthew 23:1 Listen Watch
02/16/2014 AM Repeated Reports Dr. Mickey Carter Job 1:13-22 Listen Watch
02/16/2014 PM An Open Door Steven Carter I Corinthians 16:8-9 Listen Watch
02/12/2014 The Will of Josiah Bro. Barkouski II Chro 34:1 Listen Watch
02/09/2014 SS Review of Blood Moons Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 6:12 Listen Watch
02/09/2014 AM The Word Normal Steven Carter Col 3:12 Listen Watch
02/09/2014 PM Christians and Government Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 13:1-7 Listen Watch
02/05/2014 The Servant of the Lord Bro. McBride Josh 1 Listen Watch
02/02/2014 SS 3 Keys for the Believer Steven Carter I Thess 1:1-3 Listen Watch
02/02/2014 AM God is Provable Dr. Mickey Carter Judges 6:36 Listen Watch
02/02/2014 PM Communion with God II Steven Carter II Chro 29 Listen Watch