Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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03/29/2015 SS Daniel #27 Dr. Carter Dan 9 Listen Watch
03/29/2015 AM NONE Dr. Carter Luke 19:41-44 Listen Watch
03/29/2015 PM The Greatest Terrorist Barry Parsons II Col 5:11 Listen Watch
03/22/2015 SS Daniel #26 Dr. Mickey Carter Daniel 9 Listen Watch
03/22/2015 AM Guardian Angel Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 18:1-10 Listen Watch
03/22/2015 PM The stealing away of the saints Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15:50-52 Listen Watch
03/22/2015 Be Sober Barry Parsons I Thes 5:18 Listen Watch
03/18/2015 He hath but a short time Chad Stanley Rev 12:1 Listen Watch
03/15/2015 SS Daniel #25 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 9:21-24 Listen Watch
03/15/2015 AM Wicked False Desire Dr. Mickey Carter Num 23:1-3 Listen Watch
03/15/2015 PM A Heavenly Debate Dr. Mickey Carter Job 1:1 Listen Watch
03/11/2015 Education Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 18:18,19 Listen Watch
03/08/2015 SS Daniel #24 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 9 Listen Watch
03/08/2015 AM Importance of Marriage Dr. Mickey Carter John 14:1-6 Listen Watch
03/08/2015 PM Elephants in the Living Room Dr. Mickey Carter II Pet 3:1 Listen Watch
03/04/2015 Modern Events - Nuclear Dr. Mickey Carter II Tim 1:6 Listen Watch
03/01/2015 AM The Three R's of Prophecy Dr. Mickey Carter Deut 15:1-2 Listen Watch
03/01/2015 PM Who is this Lord? Dr. Mickey Carter Phil 2:5-11 Listen Watch
03/01/2015 SS Daniel #23 Dr. Mickey Carter Daniel Listen Watch