Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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09/21/2014 SS Daniel #4 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 1 Listen Watch
09/21/2014 AM The Mystery of One Fold Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 10:1-11 Listen Watch
09/21/2014 PM Talking About the Preacher Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 13:1-3 Listen Watch
09/17/2014 Precept Upon Precept Levon Waters Isa 28:9,10 Listen Watch
09/14/2014 SS Daniel #3 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan Listen Watch
09/14/2014 AM Stabbed in the Back Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 26:69-75 Listen Watch
09/14/2014 PM The Increased Warfare Dr. Mickey Carter Jude 1-4 Listen Watch
09/10/2014 Testimonies Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
09/07/2014 SS Daniel #2 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan Listen Watch
09/07/2014 AM Heaven Lost and Found Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 3:22-24 Listen Watch
09/07/2014 PM The Bride of Christ Dr. Mickey Carter II Chro 11:2 Listen Watch
09/03/2014 A Religion of Peace? Dr. Mickey Carter Jude 3 Listen Watch
08/31/2014 SS Study of Daniel - Part 1 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 1:1 Listen Watch
08/31/2014 AM Missing in Heaven Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 13:23-27 Listen Watch
08/31/2014 PM Serving Behind Enemy Lines Dr. Mickey Carter Josh 2:1-11 Listen Watch
08/27/2014 What's Happening to Our Country Doug Carragher Prov 14:34 Listen Watch
08/24/2014 SS The Falling Away Dr. Mickey Carter II Thess 2:1 Listen Watch
08/24/2014 AM End Time Previews Dr. Mickey Carter Rev. 6:9-11 Listen Watch
08/24/2014 PM Is Your Heart in the Word Bob Oswaarde Is 51:1-8 Listen Watch
08/20/2014 Dont Give Up On God Mike Perkins Ps 119:18 Listen Watch
08/17/2014 SS Delight in the Lord Michael Case Isaiah 58 Listen Watch
08/17/2014 AM My Spirit shall not always strive with man Bill Bradley Gen 6:3-6 Listen Watch
08/17/2014 PM Free Course Matt Pautz II Thess 3:1-3 Listen Watch
08/13/2014 The Danger of Half Heartedness Dr. Mickey Carter II Chron 25:1-2 Listen Watch
08/10/2014 SS The Kingdom Age Part 4 Dr. Mickey Carter Matt Listen Watch
08/10/2014 AM The Lack of Peace Dr. Mickey Carter Jer 17:9-11 Listen Watch
08/10/2014 PM Character Counts Dr. Mickey Carter II Sam 11:1-27 Listen Watch
08/06/2014 From a Child Dr. Mickey Carter II Tim 3:1-13 Listen Watch
08/03/2014 SS The Kingdom Age Part III Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 25 Listen Watch
08/03/2014 AM Making the Right Choice Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 23:32-46 Listen Watch
08/03/2014 PM Remembering the First Glory Dr. Mickey Carter Haggai 1:4-6 Listen Watch