Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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07/13/2014 SS The Threat of Islam Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 24:3-9 Listen Watch
07/13/2014 AM The Glory of the Lord Departed Dr. Mickey Carter I Sam. 4:19-22 Listen Watch
07/13/2014 Bibles is Peru Bro Gomez Listen Watch
07/06/2014 SS God Has a Job for You Mike Case Eph. 2:5-10 Listen Watch
07/06/2014 AM Power of Prayer Scotty Drake Gen 12:1-3 Listen Watch
07/06/2014 PM The Good Samaritan Bro Stafford Luke 10:30-36 Listen Watch
07/02/2014 Loving God with a Whole Heart Bro. Perkins Deut 6:1-3 Listen Watch
06/29/2014 SS A Ministry of Me Mike Case Col. 1:14-18 Listen Watch
06/29/2014 AM Hiding by the Brook Bro. Cole I Kings 17:1-7 Listen Watch
06/29/2014 PM Three Things We Need to Get Fire Bro. Cole I Kings 18:1-24 Listen Watch
06/25/2014 Tithing Dr. Mickey Carter Mal 3:7-12 Listen Watch
06/22/2014 SS What the Kingdom Age is Like Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 6:7-13 Listen Watch
06/22/2014 AM Don't be Unaware of the Gray Dr. Mickey Carter Hosea 7:1 Listen Watch
06/22/2014 PM The Prayer of Jabez Jonathon Palmer I Chron 4:9-10 Listen Watch
06/15/2014 SS Not Mixing up the Trumpets Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15 Listen Watch
06/15/2014 AM Father Light the Way Dr. Mickey Carter Prov 1:7-8 Listen Watch
06/15/2014 PM The Prodigals Father Shawn Wyland Luke 15:11-32 Listen Watch
06/11/2014 Don't Live in a Dirty House Dr. Mickey Carter II Cor 5:1-8 Listen Watch
06/08/2014 SS What's Gonna Happen when Jesus Comes? Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor. 15:50 Listen Watch
06/08/2014 AM Stepping Up Closer to God Dr. Mickey Carter Psalm 121:1-8 Listen Watch
06/08/2014 PM The Generic Age Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 11:8 Listen Watch
06/04/2014 Do You Minister to the Lord? Kevin Hart Eze 44:15; 3:1 Listen Watch
06/01/2014 SS Recap on Israel 4 Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 39 Listen Watch
06/01/2014 AM Meeting the Bridegroom Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 25 Listen Watch
06/01/2014 PM Just Keep Going Jim Morgan Jeremiah Listen Watch