Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28

April 21, 2015

From Pastor Carter

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It’s my time of the year to bring out my “crying towel” as so many are heading back up north. In all seriousness we will miss so many that are with us faithfully in the winter time. I am praying for each one to stay healthy and return as soon as possible. I am also asking all of our membership to stay as faithful as possible this summer. The ministry here at Landmark remains just as busy in the summer time, and the need is always great. Please be praying for the summer’s activities such as graduation times and summer camps. The Scripture says to be “instant in season and out of season.” Truly the Lord’s work is never seasonal but important all the time. Amen

March 29, 2015

From Pastor Carter

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I am writing this on Wednesday morning and I have received news that our college soul winning is off to a good start. They left early Monday morning for the trip to Waycross, Georgia at the Countryside Baptist Church. Dr. Pitts said on the phone that the weather had cleared and they had forty-four decisions for Christ on the first day. Please keep praying for them as we are hoping to reach the goal of 100 being saved during the three day effort. The truth is, souls can still be saved in these last days before Christ returns; the problem is, not enough of God’s people speak up with the gospel as in the old days. let’s keep on being a church that gets out the good news that Jesus still saves. Amen

January 26, 2010

Anniversary Sunday 2010

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The last Sunday of this month, January 31st, Landmark Baptist Church will celebrate the beginning of my parents’ 40th year of ministry in Haines City.  My father and mother came to this town in December of 1970.  My father’s first Sunday as pastor, there were 37 people in attendance.  Last year on Anniversary Sunday, there were 4,142 in attendance.

Someone recently asked me how a pastor could stay in one place for so long.  I answered by saying that I did not know, but that, by the grace of God, my parents have helped people and dealt with them honestly.  The Bible says that you reap what you sow, and the harvest that God has given my parents is a testimony to this truth.  My dad is not perfect, yet after almost 40 years, he has nothing to run from or skip town over.

In I Thessalonians 2:1, Paul says to the Christians in that church, “For yourselves, brethren, know our entrance in unto you, that it was not in vain:”  By the Grace of God, my parents have a testimony of ministry that brings glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.  I would like to ask all of our members and friends to join us as we celebrate my parents’ 39th anniversary this Sunday at Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City.


Pastor Steven Carter